Welcome to my random testing site! If you’ve managed to find this then I deeply apologize as it’s never very exciting and equally could be always very exciting. Sort of like if a cat that was not-in/in a box also had a box that could have a cat not-in/in a box, and that cat that also had a box that could have a cat not-in/in a box…

Containers – WAMF

What a mind f***. This is where I like to point out that containment is nothing more and nothing less than drawing simulated edges that depict perceptions of perceived simulated bounds which can only bound in cases of simulated space that we define by the constructs of real space.

Fuzz Log

GitHub Improbable Blank SpatialOS Setup

In order to begin transitioning WunderKammer into something scalable, new, clean, and dissertation expectation ready it requires a different setup. From here on out as I re-build this tool from the ground up I will be incorporating data-oriented design concepts following entity component system (ECS) language and harnessing a back-end support system by Improbable services. …

The Backstory

WunderKammer: a rogue project that manifested itself within me and how the cabinet of curiosities came to be… this is the first post… the backstory to how I came to find myself through a project and how my “non-traditional” rise within academics has been. I am going to cover how I managed to finish two degrees, gearing towards the present and a very final degree, and the strive towards actually finishing a project and what I can only coin: the battle of the attention deficit academic.


This site is currently being built… something like 6 years in the making. Don’t worry it won’t be that exciting 😁 You can reach me on the Twitter….

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